Rugs Choice Affiliate Programme


The handmade rugs at Rugs Choice are exceptional and truly pieces of art.

We have furnished homes around the world and filled them with warmth, splendor, glory of ancient tradition and colors of nature and life.

We strive hard to bring the world’s finest and exquisite hand knotted rugs from our own handlooms in Afghanistan, Nepal and Pakistan to your doorsteps. However, we do not want our journeys to end here. We desire to reach out to all those people that share our love and passion for handmade rugs.

We welcome new marketing partners to introduce our handmade Oriental, Persian, Turkish and other rugs to unexplored markets. It is for this reason that we have introduced Rugs Choice Affiliate Programme.

How to become Rugs Choice Affiliate?


Becoming an affiliate for Rugs Choice is really simple.

All you have to do is to sign up for our affiliate programme and generate as many links as you can via twitter, blogs, Facebook , website or in any other way. Do not forget to add pictures to the links that will take your audiences to Rugs Choice website.

Every time, a purchase is made using your tracking code, Rugs Choice shall reward you with X% commission.

Earn money through our affiliate programme, and help us grow.

How Rugs Choice Affiliate Programme would benefit you?


  • High commissions on sales
  • Special offers for your audiences by Rugs Choice
  • Invitations to events held by Rugs Choice
  • 24/7 help from our affiliate manager
  • Regularly updated cookie and data feed



Contact our affiliate manager for further queries.