Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by carpet pile?

A carpet pile is the density of the fibers used to weave the carpet.

How thick is the pile of a carpet?

As you may know, there are various types and styles of carpets. The carpet pile is also determined by the length of the carpet pile, along with the thickness. The thickness of pile depends on the kind of carpet. When you browse through our website, you will notice that all the products will have the details regarding specific thickness in mm.

Why should under-padding be used and what are the benefits of using it?

Under padding is also known as Underlay and there are two types of Under-padding. While the first types if used for flooring of hard surfaces (tile, wooden), the second type is used to be placed on top of a carpet. Another handmade carpet is then placed on top of it to prevent slipping. Use of under-padding is generally recommended for thin carpets. If such carpets are not provided with under padding, they often tend to slip from their allotted position. Under-padding keeps them in place. Even otherwise, it is a good idea to use under padding as it provides additional cushioning effect, thus extending the life of carpet as it prevents crushing of pile. It also helps protecting carpet from getting harmed by pointed or sharp edged items.

What is the reason for handmade carpets to have imperfections?

Well, since these are handmade, without involving any machine, they contain slight imperfections, unlike their machine made counterparts. However, you will notice that the prices of handmade carpets are more than the machine made ones because they are better and last longer than them. You will appreciate that imperfections in handmade carpets add to the character and worth of a carpet. Any product that is handmade has its own charm and handmade carpets are no exception. No two handmade carpets can be alike, even if they are woven by the same weaver. So, every carpet is unique in some way or the other. It is equally important to understand that most variations in case of carpets woven by nomads are not intended. Often, the looms used by these people are very basic. They weave carpets on horizontal looms, kept at ground level, making it rather difficult to tie flawless, symmetrical knots.

What are fringes in carpets?

A fringe in case of a carpet is an extension of the warped threads, which are intertwined at their ends to prevent the knots from getting unraveled.

But why do carpets have fringes of varying lengths?

The length that a fringe may have depends on the kind of weave and personal weaving style of the weaver. At times these are trimmed to have a shorter length while many a time these may be left long or untrimmed. You’ll find that fringes of older carpets are missing or those are braided. But you can rest assured that the length or absence of fringe or its type doesn’t affect the quality or price of a carpet.

Should a carpet having different shades be treated as defective?

No, that is not to be considered as a flawed carpet. The difference that you may have noticed is referred to as “Abrash” - a word borrowed from Turkish language that means partly colored. The slight difference in color shades is often noticed in carpet woven by nomads. The color variation occurs as nomads have no arrangement or equipment to check if the color of yarns made from different batches of the same dye is identical. In fact, Abrash lends character to a carpet, adding to its charm. This feature is a reminder of the traditional conditions under which nomads work. Interestingly, the colour of the carpet also changes depending on the way you face the direction of the pile. This means that it could look lighter or darker, depending on the angle of the pile.

Do you employ children for making your carpets?

No we don’t. Rugs Choice supports Care and Fair, an organization that actively supports children. In fact, many of our buyers keep visiting villages to inspect workshops where resident nomads regularly weave carpets. Apart from checking conditions under which workers produce carpets and monitoring the production of carpets, they also ensure that no child labor is used for making carpets. While it is true that long ago employing child labor formed a part of producing carpets, particularly the hand knotted variety, children are no more involved in the process of producing carpets because of the awareness created over the years. We take our social responsibility very seriously and don’t encourage child labor.

What are bargain/seconds carpets?

Please note that ‘seconds’ are not used carpets. It could have slight defects, which may not be easily noticeable. This could mean a carpet that got worn out during the process of brushing or as a result of harsh washing. During a wash, the color of the yarn may bleed near the fringes due to inappropriate washing. However, it must be added here that antique or semi-antique carpets, meaning carpets which are at least twenty five years old, could be second hand.

These carpets are perfect for use, though they may have minor defects. The defects pertain to color bleeding, minor wear, unusually irregular yarn or edges or quality of color, which as per Rugs Choice standards doesn’t qualify them to be included in our standard range. We sell such carpets in whatever status they have and the flaws are pointed out in their description.

Generally, most of the flaws can be eliminated or repaired. However, Rugs Choice does not find it an economically viable proposition to mend those flaws and therefore sells such carpets at substantially reduced prices. It is not unusual for some customers to mend the carpet on their own, depending on the flaw. Moreover, many times the flaw can be cleverly hidden from view. For instance, it could be positioned beneath some piece of furniture. As already pointed out, at times the flaw may not be seen by a naked eye and may get exposed only on a close visual inspection. Such like carpets often get sold easily through auctions or even at certain stores. However, they do not conform to Rugs Choice standards and are thus sold as ‘seconds’ at very low prices. In any case, the defects will be clearly pointed out to you in the pictures, before you buy the carpet(s).

How real are the pictures of carpets shown in your website and is there some way to ensure that the color of carpet seen there is actually the color of carpet?

The pictures of carpets you see on our website are taken by professionals, using digital cameras having high resolution and in environment created to have color-temperature control. Adobe Photoshop is employed for processing of photos. So, you can see the pictures are true reflections of real carpets. You should know that the quality, type and age of screen used for viewing carpets are also instrumentals here and affect the colors of photo you view on your screen.

Procuring Rugs Choice Carpets

Is there a warehouse which I could visit to view your carpets?

Absolutely! We have our warehouses in Salisbury, Cirencester and Gloucestershire and you are welcome to visit us any time you want. However, you will have to notify us at least 48 hours prior to your visit and we recommend that you browse through our collections before you visit us as this will provide a good understanding of what you want to purchase. In addition, online purchases are better because you can purchase the goods at your convenience in the comfort of your home.

Why do I find my carpet fluffing?

Handmade carpets are generally prone to fluffing. The reason is that during the initial couple of weeks excess wool, which is already trapped in pile, starts surfacing as it gets released gradually. In case of Persian carpets fluffing generally stops after they have been vacuumed once or twice, though it might take a bit longer in case of Indian carpets.
In any case, this should not be a cause of concern for you. In fact, you should not try to hasten up this process as it would cause excessive wear and tear of your carpet. Your best option would be to remain patient. You will realize that in due course of time fluffing will reduce and stops ultimately.

Can I get a catalogue of your products?

You can surely view our catalogues that contain an extensive range of our carpets. In case you want to see a catalogue, please send us an email and the catalogue will be sent to you.

How do I order a carpet online using your website?

At the outset you have to select a carpet you would like to order. You will notice that it’s an extremely simple process once you browse through the site. On clicking the selected carpet, you’ll get detailed information about that carpet. You’ll find its price mentioned in the corner on the right hand side of your computer screen. You’ll also know if the carpet is reserved or already sold. Just beneath the price, you can find the ‘BUY” button. As you click on this button, the carpet gets carried to the shopping cart. You can find the shopping cart at the top, on the left hand side of our website. You need to repeat the same procedure for buying any number of carpets and keeping the same in your cart.
Next, you proceed to our checkout counter. This is done by clicking on “Proceed to Checkout." You’ll locate this link beneath carpets in shopping cart.
The last step for you is to decide your preferred mode of payment. We have different modes of payment and you may choose to pay via bank transfer or your credit card. Keep in mind that we take immense measures to ensure that your private information is not shared with any third party sites. To learn more about our Privacy Policy, please click here. Choose you option and keep following the instructions that keep appearing therein.

How do you work out the prices of carpets?

It is difficult to arrive at the price of any carpet as there are many factors come into play. The most usual factors are the size of carpet, its color/s, quality of wool used for making it and the design it contains. Another important factor is the age of carpet, meaning how old it is. Older carpets are difficult to get and thus costlier. These days, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get carpets made by nomads, thus making them very costly.

Can you lend me a carpet to check if it fits the space available at my end?

No, you can’t borrow carpets. On buying a carpet if you realize that it does not fit appropriately at the appointed place, you may return the same within thirty days. Please read our Terms and Conditions for more information about this.

Security and payment

What steps you take to secure transactions through your website?

Transactions through our website are highly secured. We work in association with Sagepay for handling our online payments. For the security of our clients we route all payments via a secure encrypted connection to prevent frauds. Every payment is approved by a technique called 3D-Secure. For additional safety, payments are controlled manually too.

What is 3D Secure?

Developed by MasterCard in association with VIA, 3D Secure is used as an umbrella idiom in security technology. It insists on the cardholder to identify itself by typing a personal code while making online payments on buying goods online. The bank gives this code to its clients. On making use of this technology, the bank issuing the card takes the responsibility of covering the economic risks associated with likely frauds. This technology, set up to safeguard the interest of customers is usually pointed out on the website by inscribing ‘Vis verified and MasterCard SecureCode. We, at Rugs Choice, patronize this technology for customers making payment through cards which have made use of this technology.

What are your acceptable modes of payment?

We give you two options for making payments. You may use your credit card, issued by MasterCard or Visa. The other option is to make advance payment, involving direct transaction between your bank and our bank.


How can I view the status my orders?

You may do so by simply clicking ‘My Account’, located close to the top of the page, followed by logging in your email with password. Here, you’ll find your present and old orders. You also have the opportunity of knowing the status of your present order and its shipment. If you take a few minutes to get acquainted around the site, you will see that the process of ordering is very simple and easy to understand.

How can I cancel my order?

At Rugs Choice, we strive hard to satisfy the customer needs and offer best prices, but if you want to cancel your ordersimply send us an email stating your cancellation and we shall treat the order as cancelled and send you a confirmation to that effect. You may cancel your order on your own by logging into your account.

How to make amendments in my order?

This is again very simple. For making any changes in your order you can mail us and inform us of the changes to be incorporated in your order. However, we may add here that only those orders having the option of ‘Bank Transfer’ and against which the goods have not been dispatched as on the date of amendment can be amended or changed

Shipping and deliveries

What is the expense of shipping?

We do not charge shipping charges for shipping goods inside the EU. For shipping to other countries the charges vary from one country to another. You may visit “Terms & Conditions” for detailed information.

How long does the shipping take?

Our usual deliver period for shipping inside the EU is one to five working days and two to eight working days for other countries.

Do I have to be available for taking delivery of my carpet?

Yes, somebody should be available at home for taking delivery of ordered goods. You should check up with FedEx, UPS/DHL to get precise information concerning delivery and also if you want to make changes in the address for taking delivery.

How can I keep a track of my order and its shipment?

Once you place order on us, Rugs Choice shall send you a confirmation through email after your order is packed. The message you receive will give you shipping details and how to keep track of your consignment, allowing you to follow up the status of your order with FedEx, UPS/DHL with their respective websites:

You can also know the status of your order by logging on to our website by using the same username and password as used at the time of registering with us, followed by clicking at “My account”.

Can you ship carpets to addresses with P.O. Box number?

No we do not as the recipient has to sign the receipt of package.


Can I send the carpet back in case I do not like the same?

Yes, you may send the carpet back to us on not liking it. We offer you money back guarantee for 30 days. For additional information read our "Terms & Conditions.”

What process I should follow for making returns?

For making any returns, you need to contact us personally via phone number 0044(0)1285 652 947 . You can also send an email at and inform us about the return you want to make. On receiving your communication, we’ll mail you our return dispatch note, containing packaging label with instructions, detailing you how to treat your return.

What should I do if I receive carpet in a damaged state?

On getting your carpet in a damaged condition, you should immediately bring it to the notice of local DHL/UPS office and inform them of the damage caused in the ordered carpet. Simultaneously, you should inform us also on telephone number 0044(0)1285 652 947 and also mail us.

What measures do you take for safe shipping of your carpets?

We pack all the carpets as per instructions of DHL/UPS. We fold our carpet and cover these with solid protective plastic before packing and sealing the same is especially prepared cardboard boxes tailored as per their size.

Do I have to pay shipping charges while returning a carpet to you?

No we take care of the shipping charges when you want to return any carpets back to us. However, please note that we will not accept any carpet(s) that’s damaged. In this case, you will have to contact our customer service department. Please read more about our policy in terms and conditions.

Carpet Maintenance

Can you please suggest some way of removing creases and folds from carpets?

You can easily take care of folds and creases by just heavily loading the affected area. For example, you could use a heap of books. Within a matter of days you’ll find an improvement, with the rug lying flat on floor. Once you start using the rug regularly, the creases will vanish by themselves.

Do you think users could wash their carpets themselves?

We strongly recommend that you get your rugs cleaned from an experienced professional who is well informed on the subject. Washing of rug on your own could cause it irreparable damage.

How can I remove stains from my carpet?

Getting rid of stains is largely a matter of the kind of stains your carpet may have. However, the first and the most important helpful step for stain removal is to act right away and remove it to the extent that you can. You can find further information on handling stains on our Carpet Encyclopedia. Please check taking care of you rugs.