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Welcome to Rugschoice, where you can find nothing but the choicest handmade rugs and carpets. Here at Rugschoice we are all about two things: One being the sourcing of the finest quality imported rugs and the other is ensuring the ultimate satisfaction of you, our customer. By excelling at the first step we can all but guarantee that you will be thrilled with your purchase. Our aim is to marry the choicest materials and affordable pricing. We believe that there are enough competitors out there who would charge you a high markup; we keep it simple, an exquisite rug at an affordable price -How can we make this offer to you? That is also simple; we have streamlined our process to be able to deliver on our word. We are ready to back our promises: we offer free 30 day returns and a guaranteed price match - if you find the same rug anywhere for the same price ,we will beat that price by 10%.

Visit Us

We have taken our High Street roots and transplanted brick and mortar showroom to Unit 27 Cirencester Business Centre, Elliott Road, Cirencester, Gloucestershire- England - United Kingdom - GL7 1YG. We aim to make our website as welcoming a shopping experience as our store, offering you the same value and the same money back guarantees.

We are happy to arrange flight booking and hotel accommodations to our customers who wish to see a rug in person. Should you choose to order online, we offer a 30 day return period for your peace of mind.

Our Advantages

We moved away from Kings Road, Chelsea to bring our prices down to where they should be by cutting back on rent. Our customers won’t be paying for extra overhead. Here at Cirencester, we have everything needed to bring prices down; because our less posh location frees up our cash, we can buy materials in bulk, allowing us to build our stock up efficiently and effectively, we then pass those savings directly on to you. What this amounts to is a lower cost for you. Be it purchasing materials, gathering information about each unique rug or engaging an artisan with your custom job, we are ready to do what we do best, put an amazing rug in your home.

Quality without Compromise

While price is an important consideration for any consumer, nothing is more important than the quality of the goods purchased, especially if this piece is meant to be the perfect accent or centerpiece to your favorite room. Throughout our 40+ years in the industry, we have carefully cultivated ongoing relationships with some of the finest weavers and artisans. We ensure that when crafting your product, no expense is spared on the materials that come together to form your custom rug.

Hand-made and certified for your peace of mind

And you can indeed be assured that your piece is handmade. The process of hand weaving a beautiful piece takes time; we will not compromise on this process either; you can rest assured that your patience will be amply rewarded with a certified authentic handcrafted masterpiece. The patterns and stories hand-woven into these rugs are carefully documented so you can connect with not only the visual beauty of the rug, but also the rich history that underlies this one of a kind piece.

Our Origins 

In 1980, a Persian Rug repair shop was opened in Ealing, London, it was well received and gave our family the financial freedom to open a retail shop on Kings Road, London.

There was one small problem though, when it came to Afghan Carpets or Persian Rugs, it was very hard to find light colour tones customers wanted as traditional rugs mostly comes in darker tones.  Once he got an idea of the market, my father, Mr. Hammound paid visits to Iran and Nepal to introduce different colour schemes to be woven in to the rugs using the colour tones which are complementary in the majority of European homes. This step was huge success in capturing up to 70% of the UK market share when it came to fine hand-made rugs.

Our brand was built on time-forged bonds with interior designers in London, Paris and New York; and these ties are still enabling our success today. Through these artisans and suppliers we find exquisite, handmade rugs and carpets. Today, we are proud to say that we import handmade rugs and carpets not only from Afghanistan and Iran, but also from Kashmir, Turkey, India, and Nepal; so our customers have access to a varied selection from all corners of Asia.


Quality Matters


We here at Rugschoice believe that quality means more than having good materials; a rug can be so much more. That is why we are proud to ensure that every customer will be told the individual, specific and unique story that is woven into the details of each of our rugs. We have production looms in Afghanistan and India to guarantee that you will receive quality work each time, and to ensure that your specific demands are woven into beautiful works of arts. This is exactly how Mr. Hammound, the founder of the business, would have wanted our business to develop and this is how we will continue to do business, with you, the customer, in mind. 


Social Responsibility

Rug and carpet weaving are old professions with rich histories. Unfortunately some of that history includes child labour which persists in some parts of the world to this day. Here at Rugschoice, we go the extra mile to ensure that no child labour products enter our stores and that the artisans we do business share our values.

We work hard to fight child labour and support the vision of Care and Fare a charitable organization devoted to ending child labour. As a point of business it is compulsory for our suppliers to cooperate with this organization. Surprised visits carried out by our team to ensure the effectiveness of the system. A certificate is issued with every rug certifying it free of child labour.

Visionary Founder’s Message

I have been privileged to travel extensively in my search for rugs that inspire the imagination and add colour, art and character to a room. The world is a beautiful place and, when it comes to home décor, no one seems to capture this beauty quite as vividly as master carpet weavers. I have been lucky enough to see these artisans in action in places such as China, Turkey, Iran, Egypt and Nepal. Their time-consuming labour yields exquisite hand-made carpets and rugs. Every month, I make trips to these countries to personally meet unexposed talent and make a purchase myself. Eventually, customers all around the world can have access to these stunning pieces through our website and our shop in Cirencester, the capital of Cotswold.


Beyond our hand-picked selection, there is more to Rugschoice. After her graduation in Fashion and Interior Design in 1995, my daughter Emma decided to work at the store fulltime. This gave her the opportunity to work with renowned UK trade clients who specialize in interior design, and it allowed me to attend tradeshows in France and Italy. Our success today is credited to the fact that it’s a family business. I’m proud to say that we are still working together, Emma is ready to help you; if you have any consultation needs regarding interior designing please click here.


We blend our extensive knowledge in carpet and rug sales with e-commerce and utilize a specially developed technical platform to provide an automated experience. By working with experienced purchasers, and by making purchases ourselves, we make sure that we get the best possible price on highest quality carpets and rugs. While we offer affordable prices, the focus remains on design and quality. This means that carpets and rugs are selected with great care onsite and they are thoroughly checked before ever shipping to the UK.


Our rugs and carpets are proof that we CAN in fact have nice things in life at an affordable price; we have the options to prove it. We hope that you find our selection as elegant and captivating as we do. If you have any comments or queries please do not hesitate to reach out to us through our contact us page where a member of our team is ready to help you, and finally, welcome to Rugschoice – Home of the Choicest Rugs


Shrieen Hammond

Visionary Founder
Rugs Choice Website and Products


Why should I buy from Rugschoice?

  • Our handpicked exclusive selection.
  • Hassle-free returns (you have 30 days to decide).
  • Price match plus an extra 10 % off
  • The opportunity to order your own custom piece.
  • Expert customer care.
  • Expert design/décor advice.
  • All rugs are certified handmade.
  • All rugs are certified child-labour free.
  • Our proven track record (over 30 years in brick and mortar).
  • We are happy to make arrangements (flight booking and hotel) so you can see our selection personally in our store.



Here at Rugs choice, we try to make sure that everyone is part of a hardworking dedicated team and we are always on the lookout for people who can contribute to our ‘family’. If you believe you could be a good fit, please get in touch with us here about positions and openings.



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