Abdullah Sherkhanzai

Design philosophy:

Love for folklore, blending modern designs, imaginative prowess


He is an engineer turned into rug designer, after graduating from Kabul University in 2000. He grew up in a household that traded in hand woven rugs. Though he couldn’t continue his family’s business, due to political upheaval in the country- but he did not give up his love for designing rugs. Settled now in London, he works for Rugs Choice as a senior designer and a rug expert. With his first hand knowledge about hand knotted, hand tufted and flat weaved rugs, he can produce beautiful designs one after the other.

His unique geometrical designs unify symmetrical and asymmetrical shapes to create a complex pattern.

A Traditonal Kilim Patchwork

Design ID- RC 1062

Ivan RadKov

Design Philosophy: Experimental, love for nature, space-planning


Ivan holds a diploma in textile design from the Technical University, Sofia, Bulgaria. He loves to experiment with colors but sticks to traditional design elements because he believes that the designs passed down to us from ancient times should be preserved and built upon. He is also an expert in fabric analysis.

Ivan has re-created nomadic rugs by replacing its bright hues with subtle and neutral tones.

Reloaded Over Dyed Carpet 

Design Id - Reloaded BG 1035

Isabelle Preece

Design Philosophy:

Loves to travel, eclectic


A textile design graduate from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, Port Elizabeth. Her forte is weaving of design and she does it so religiously that her designs actually come out as pieces of art. She travels around the world to learn from different cultures and to incorporate new design elements in her work.

Her Vinatge Carpet Designs have global appeal as it reveals elements from different cultures across the world.

Vintage Carpet Overydyed Patchwork

Design ID : Vintage Carpet Patchwork Reloaded 1075

Jack Martin

Design Philosophy:

Problem solving, precision, strong perception of designs


His strong CAD skills make him an integral part of our team. He has the design solutions to almost all the problems arising in our in-house design studio. He is an expert in 3D mapping, texture mapping, high definition weave. He gives credit to School of Color and Design, South Wales, Australia that gave him the confidence to express and refine his technical designing skills.

His reloaded carpet designs are truly a work of 3D art.

Contemporary Kilim

Desgn id : 1068

Herminia Alamilla

Design Philosophy:

Lively, modern and contemporary design approach, use of vivid colors in her designs


She spent four years studying fashion design but eventually turned into a carpet designer. According to her, carpet designing is an extended form of apparel designing because this is all about dressing up homes. She is a graduate from Marbell Design Academy, Spain. She has participated in numerous trade shows to seek inspiration from the trending colors, design concepts and consumers choice.

Herminia has created a series of carpets called “Seasons of life”. Each piece is interconnected; yet has a story of its own to narrate.

Cushion covers Collection

Design id- 1084

Marie Taylor

Design Philosophy:

Calculative, love for perfection and building on traditional designs.


She undertook several courses of graphic design from University of Central Lancashire. She is an expert in Computer-aided designs Softwares: Autotex, Nedgraphics, Adope Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw, EAT.

She has traveled extensively to our handlooms in Afghanistan, Nepal and Pakistan and worked closely with our craftsmen, and teaching them digital design methodology. Owing to her perfect Computer skills, our hand woven designs are flawless and eye-catching.

Marie’s designs are inspired by musical rhythm as evident from this Hazara Rug.

Afghan Kilim

Design Id :1088