Hand Made Rug On a Vertical Loom

Love for nature. This is the driving force of our company’s efforts to preserve and save our environment for our future generations. Our company’s agenda is deeply rooted in environmental sustainability.

Vegetable Dyes

At that time, the use of chemical dyes was introduced by many rug manufacturing companies; however, we strove towards the innovation of ancient vegetable dying method for our rugs. This also encouraged the local farmers to cultivate such plants in abundance that are often used for making vegetable dyes.

Natural Fibers

Our products are all handmade with organic materials. We only use natural fibers like wool, cotton or silk for making handmade rugs.

Biodegradable Waste

Thus, the waste produced in our rug manufacturing workshops based in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nepal is biodegradable. The water-waste from our workshops is free of chemicals and toxins- thus posing no threat to the environment.


Our products like Vintage Kilim Patchworks are made up from pieces of ancient handmade rugs.

Man-Powered Production Methods

[Image showing the tools and equipments used in rug making]

As our working methods are man-powered and there is minimal or nil usage of machinery from the first till the final stage of rug production; therefore, the rate of our carbon offset is almost zero.

Strengthen Local Economies

[Image showing smiling workers in a rug making workshop]

[Image showing a busy woman working at the handloom]

Employing local manpower to produce rugs and carpets to strengthen the economies of the developing world countries, where our workshops are based. We value their hard work and skills by paying them competitive above market rates.

Health and Well Being of Our Workers

The health and well being of our workers and consumers is important for us. Chemical dyes not only pose threat to the environment, but also to the weavers and the consumers that naturally come in contact with the toxic emissions from such dyes.

No Child Labor

Complying with the United Nations ILO Conventions, Rugs Choice does not employ child labor in any of its workshops.