Why Shop With Us

We, at Rugs Choice, offer our customers the best deal because not only do we offer the finest rugs and carpets, but we also consider our clients’ budget when setting their price. Why is the quality of our rugs and kilims the best in the market? This is because Rugs Choice produces its own, 100% handmade carpets in Afghanistan, Kashmir, India, Nepal, China and Persia.

We offer a wide variety of kilims, carpets, and rugs that our customers may not find elsewhere. Our productsrange from modern and contemporary to traditional and vintage. We use 100% pure sheep wooland silk to produce our Oriental and Persian rugs and kilims. Our array of colours is also unique- ranging from traditional maroons and golds, to contemporary electric greens and blues, and to classic beige and softlymuted tones.

While working hard to provide our customers with the best rugs and carpets, we, at Rugs Choice, do not, at any point, forgo our social responsibilities. As producers of rugs and carpets in developing countries, we are strictly against employing child labour at our carpet-making factories. Thus, our products are 100% child labour free. Furthermore, we also support Care & Fair, a charity set up to look after uncared for children. Rugs Choice believes in contributing its share in making the world a better place, and encourages its customers to do so, too.

Expert Advice

Our experts can assist you in selecting the best rugs for your homes. This service is free of charges and you are not obliged to make a purchase. You can either send the photograph or the dimensionsof the space, for which you are purchasing the rug. You are welcome to discuss the designs, sizes, and colours preferences with our experts, who will advise youwhich rug to buythat suits the décor of your home.

Great Value

We are able to offer you great value of our finest quality rugs, kilims, and carpets,up to 75% lesser price than high street,as there are no middlemen involved in our import of these products. We mostly sell rugs and kilims handmade in our own production units in Afghanistan, Kashmir, India, Nepal, China and Iran. We also buy rugs directly at source from remote villages and do not purchase them from wholesalers. This enables us to cut down our costs and sell unique handcrafted rugs at affordable prices.

Fast Delivery

Once a rug is purchased from Rugs choice, it is delivered to your doorstep within a week. Our deliveries are free and we ship worldwide.

Secure Shopping

We are UK PCI-DSScompliant company and ensure that the cardholder data is protected, when used on our website.You can be confident that when you type the required details of your credit/debit card numbers, itis neither visible to us,nor stored on our website.Our payment methods are absolutely safe and secure. Online payments on our website are processed by WorldPay- a secure online payment service provider company. It has a fast and secure payment processing system and its services are globally trusted.We accept all VISA and Mastercard credit cards from around the world. You can also make payments through Paypal.